Defined Benefit Services

Comprehensive actuarial services for defined benefit retirement plans

For employers sponsoring defined benefit plans, sound financial planning, risk management, and plan governance are essential. Cammack Retirement Group can help, with a comprehensive set of services that leverages the decades of experience we have with corporate, public sector, multi-employer, and non-profit plans. We partner with you throughout the process, delivering creative solutions for your unique situation.

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Defined Benefit Services

Valuation Services

Meet today's ever-evolving reporting and disclosure requirements. We provide consultative support on all aspects of your plan's valuation and help you meet all filing, certificate, and disclosure requirements.

Pension Risk Management

Develop policies to align your organization's financial and human resources objectives in light of the current capital markets and legislative environment. We help you evaluate plan design, investment strategy, and settlement options.

Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Migration

Update your retirement program while managing volatility, reducing ongoing cost, and minimizing the impact to employees nearing retirement.

Administration Services

Choose the best option for your organization's pension plan administration. Whether you are looking for a simple solution housed internally or an outsourced solution with web-based modeling and call center, our expert team can guide you to the solution that fits your needs.

Non-discrimination and Other Compliance Testing

Comply with regulations while getting strategic advice to help ensure your plan delivers benefits in line with your objectives.

Asset Liability Modeling

Model assets and liabilities together so that you can see how your plan reacts in various economic scenarios in order to develop the best risk mitigation strategies.

Plan Design and Modeling

Modify or design a plan that helps meet your employees' retirement needs as well as your organization's financial constraints. We model different plan design alternatives, providing an accurate picture of plan costs for each.

Pension Risk Transfer

De-risk portions of the plan's obligation by transferring the obligation to the participant or a third party through a lump sum offering, an annuitization, or a combination. Our team works with you to review transfer opportunities and to develop a customized approach that is right for you and the plan.

Investment Advisory

Manage the risk and on-going challenges of your defined benefit plan with our defined benefit investment advisory services. We focus on delivering the best possible outcomes to our clients by designing an investment strategy in line with your organization’s unique objectives.

Asset Allocation

Whether you are looking to manage risks by investing plan assets to position the plan for termination using a dynamic asset allocation, or are committed to a more traditional static asset allocation, we provide oversight in support of your defined benefit plan goals, so you can focus on the critical, day-to-day operations.