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Oct 2019

How a Financial Wellness Expo Became the Hottest Ticket in Town

One of the biggest challenges for financial wellness programs is engaging employees. But what if I told you that one plan sponsor figured out how to pack a convention center with 3,000 people for a financial wellness expo? Yes, that is not a typo: three thousand people! This is not some retirement p…

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Oct 2018

Budgeting and Retirement Plan Engagement

In this week's Top of Mind, Mike Webb shares how some retirement plan recordkeepers are using budgeting portals to help plan participants save more for retirement.

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Oct 2018

Don’t Pay Full Price!

In this week’s Top of Mind, Mike Webb discusses how utilizing cost saving apps can help make saving for retirement more affordable.

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Oct 2017

The Retirement Fun House: The Battle to Engage Participants

In light of the fact that this week is National Retirement Security Week, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what recordkeepers are doing on the front lines to motivate retirement plan participants to save, invest wisely, and otherwise ensure that their retirement is, well, secure.&…

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Jun 2017

Catching Up with Recordkeeper Technology

I spend a lot of my on-the-job time researching the recordkeeping platforms of retirement plan sponsors.  In the course of my research, as of late, I have come across an interesting phenomenon. For lack of a better term, I will call it technology lag. Recordkeeper technology, for the most pa…

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