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Jul 2018

Why Median > Average When it Comes to Retirement Plan Account Balances

In a recent article by Barry Ritholtz, he mentions a concept that should be drilled into every retirement plan sponsor’s head when they review their recordkeeper statistics as to the success of their retirement plan:  median is more significant than average. In the retirement plan’s “dashboa…

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May 2018

Retirement Plan Account Balances: Big and Small

Advisors have a variety of tools at their disposal to determine the overall health of a plan sponsor’s retirement plan. However, there is a time-tested exercise that only takes about a minute to complete: review the current account balances of all the participants in the retirement plan and complete…

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Feb 2018

Benchmarking: It Isn’t Just for Fees Anymore

When I first started at Cammack Retirement more than 25 years ago, benchmarking in retirement plans primarily consisted of little more than measuring the performance of plan investments against indexes and peers.  More recently, and as a result of the DOL’s emphasis, benchmarking of fees versus…

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Mar 2016

Trends that Matter

In our inaugural post on Trends that Matter, we highlighted RFP activity and customization of returning excess revenue to participants. While those trends remain popular, others have emerged that should be top of mind with plan sponsors (pun intended): There is continued downward fee pressure on …

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Sep 2015

The PLANSPONSOR 403(b)/457 Buyer’s Guide

​In the event you missed it while on vacation (full disclosure: I missed it while on vacation!), PLANSPONSOR magazine released its 2015 403(b)/457 Buyer's Guide. The Buyer’s Guide provides a valuable array of overall market statistics as well as those of individual recordkeepers.

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