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Mar 2021

Making a Good Retirement Plan Better

One of the key components to becoming a best-in-class retirement plan is the desire to continually evolve. However, due to complacency or certain circumstances - the current global pandemic, for example - an otherwise well-run retirement plan may find itself stuck, unable to move the plan forward in…

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Jan 2020

The Beginning of the End for Asset-Based Retirement Plan Recordkeeping Fees?

In The Top Retirement Plan Trends for 2020 we discussed the migration of retirement plans from traditional percentage of assets-based recordkeeping fees to per-participant fee structures. By implementing a per-participant model, recordkeeping fees do not snowball as plan assets grow (which only stan…

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Dec 2019

Why the Road to Zero-Revenue Sharing Can Be Bumpy

Revenue sharing refers to the practice of investment providers sharing revenue with recordkeepers in exchange for performing some of the duties that the investment provider would typically have to do. Since the concept is difficult to explain to participants and has been the focus of litigation, an …

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Nov 2019

How Much Does My Retirement Plan Cost?

Here’s an exercise for you: navigate to your recordkeeper’s website and see if you can determine the exact amount you are paying for your retirement plan. If you’re a plan fiduciary or someone who works with retirement plan benefits, you already know this cost, but play along anyway - you may be sur…

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May 2019

The Future of Retirement Plans

In our Revamping Retirement podcast, we have been addressing the evolution of the retirement plan landscape over the past 25 years. And a lot has changed - from technology, plan design and investments, to, of course, fees. But what might the next 25 years have in store for the future generation of r…

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Jun 2018

The Differences Between 403(b) and 401(k) Pricing

While there are some exceptions, particularly among the very largest of retirement plans, the recordkeeping fees for 401(k) plans are generally less expensive than those for 403(b) plans of the same asset size. Why is this you might ask?  The answer is that 403(b) plans are fundamentally dif…

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Jun 2018

Fiduciary Best Practices for Public University Retirement Plans

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a webinar hosted by my colleagues, Joey Payne and Jeff Levy of Cammack Retirement Group, and Eric Paley of Nixon Peabody. The webinar examined best practices for public university retirement plan fiduciaries in the current litigation and regulatory environm…

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Apr 2018

Three Things to Think About Besides Retirement Plan Investments

Plan sponsors often have an unhealthy obsession with assembling the ideal array of plan investments. However, investment array selection, as well as the inherent agonizing over which funds to put on watch, which to replace, etc., should be relatively low on a plan sponsor’s list of priorities. Wh…

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