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Aug 2019

Positioning a Portfolio for Recession

Slowing economic growth and a flat yield curve may be signaling a potential recession on the horizon. As certain asset classes perform better than others in a recession, we explore the steps retirement plan investors can take to help protect their portfolios.

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Jul 2019

Decumulation Confusion: The 4% Rule

In part-three of our decumulation series, we discuss the 4% Rule, a time-honored method of withdrawing funds from retirement plans and annuities.

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Jun 2019

Decumulation Confusion: The Annuity Conundrum

In part-two of our decumulation series, we discuss annuities; the presence and promotion of which as a decumulation solution is perplexing to many retirement plan participants and retirees.

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May 2019

A Closer Look: Decumulation Confusion

​Just as the accumulation of sufficient assets for retirement is critical to a successful retirement outcome, proper decumulation, or the spending of those assets throughout retirement, is equally important.

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Feb 2019

Using Financial Wellness to Attract and Retain Employees

Healthcare organizations typically have high turnover and high demand, and thus, attracting and retaining employees is paramount. How can retirement plan sponsors use financial wellness programs - and their retirement plans - to set their organizations apart?

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