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Apr 2012

The Secret To A Plan's Success

​Every new day brings publications with articles that describe how people are not saving enough for retirement. Meanwhile, plan sponsors, who have worked hard trying to foster a culture of employee saving, inevitably begin to wonder if their plan is providing adequate retirement benefits.

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Sep 2011

Should You Use a Separate Account for Your Plan’s Guaranteed Assets?

​One of the most popular investment options within 403(b) retirement plans is the guaranteed interest account, also known as a fixed account. Although these accounts often hold the most assets of any single investment in a 403(b) plan, retirement plan committees frequently dedicate less scrutiny....

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Jul 2011

Getting More Value Out of Your Plan Fees: Expense Reimbursement Accounts

​Fee transparency and fee disclosure have become very hot topics in the world of defined contribution plans. Many articles have been written on the need for plan fiduciaries to examine all plan-related fees thoroughly, and to confirm that those fees are reasonable for the services being delivered.

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Mar 2011

Is The 403(b) Plan Dying?

​In a recent webinar, I was rather shocked when a participant posed this question: "Given the recent regulatory changes that eliminate some of the differences between 403(b) and 401(k) plan, would you anticipate 403(b) disappearing entirely as a separate plan type in the not-so-distant future?"

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May 2006

Healthcare Savings Plan Service Provider Consolidation: A Case Study

When South Jersey Healthcare, a Bridgeton New Jersey–based healthcare system with over 2,900 employees and 10+ locations throughout the southern portion of the state, added an employee match to its voluntary 403(b) retirement savings program in 2003, convincing employees to&…

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