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Apr 2016

After-Tax Contributions: State-of-the-Art or Dinosaur?

After-tax contributions have been making a comeback, with popular news publications touting them as a tax-planning strategy for the wealthy and those nearing retirement. Mike Webb provides an in-depth look and examines the advantages and disadvantages of after-tax contributions.

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Mar 2016

Understanding Pension Risk Management

Many organizations have been reviewing their DB plans' funded status and cost, with an eye toward managing risk. Pension Risk Management (PRM) represents a shift from an asset-only risk focus to the practice of managing the assets and liabilities in concert, in order to minimize volatility.

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Dec 2015

Five Retirement Trends to Watch for in 2016

​With the holiday season upon us and the New Year fast approaching, it is time to consider what 2016 will bring for retirement plan sponsors. Here are five trends that we predict will popular with plan sponsors in the New Year:

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Jun 2015

Plan Governance

Plan Governance is a critical component to the success of a retirement plan. In the following video, Jeffrey Snyder briefly discusses key areas that Cammack Retirement is addressing when it works with a client to layout a thoughtful and deliberative plan review process.

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Jun 2014

Are States Migrating from Traditional Pensions? A State-by-State Review

Hardly a day passes without front-page headlines describing the pension troubles of one state or another. Almost as frequently, individual states make announcements of planned reductions to pension benefits. These cuts typically include elimination of cost-of-living increases for retirees or incr…

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Jan 2014

Loans, Loans, Everywhere! Addressing the Loan Utilization Issue

Based on several of my recent plan reviews, the continued fragile economy has caused loans and loan defaults to spiral out of control in many retirement plans. Of particular concern, is the rise of so-called "serial borrowers." It is no longer unusual to see retirement plan participants who have bor…

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May 2013

Plan Design Optimization

Over the years, defined contribution plan sponsors have collectively put in tremendous energy and resources to advance participants' retirement readiness. These efforts often encompass a significant educational program, aimed at improving participation rates, deferral rates, and asset allocation.Thi…

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Jul 2012

The Beginning of the End for Mutual Fund Windows/Platforms?

The interpretation of the DOL's FAB 2012-02 impacts plan sponsors utilizing brokerage or mutual fund windows and mutual fund platforms. Specifically, the DOL has opined that fiduciaries who offer such arrangements in their plans may not be in compliance with ERISA!

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