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Oct 2018

Case Study: Glens Falls Hospital

For many years, Glens Falls Hospital, a not-for- profit community hospital located in Glens Falls, New York, has been a diligent fiduciary steward of their retirement program, all with a keen eye on the overall goals of their plan.

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Oct 2018

Chart of the Month: Stock Valuations are Stretched by this Measure

One of Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation measures, Stock Market Capitalization to Gross Domestic Product, is flashing a warning sign for stocks. This simple valuation measure is used to assess whether a country’s stock market is overvalued or undervalued, compared to its historical average

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Sep 2018

Chart of the Month: Percentage Change From 52-Week High

As the S&P 500 Index soared to an all-time high in August amid further gains in the economy and booming corporate profits, a quick snapshot of other asset classes reveals significantly diverging performance over the past 52 weeks.

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