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May 2019

A Closer Look: Decumulation Confusion

​Just as the accumulation of sufficient assets for retirement is critical to a successful retirement outcome, proper decumulation, or the spending of those assets throughout retirement, is equally important.

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Feb 2019

Using Financial Wellness to Attract and Retain Employees

Healthcare organizations typically have high turnover and high demand, and thus, attracting and retaining employees is paramount. How can retirement plan sponsors use financial wellness programs - and their retirement plans - to set their organizations apart?

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Jan 2019

Effectively Communicating Your Retirement Plan Message

​In a recent survey, more than 75% of participants indicated that their plan's communication program does not help them make confident decisions. What can plan sponsors do to effectively communicate their message?

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Oct 2018

Case Study: Glens Falls Hospital

For many years, Glens Falls Hospital, a not-for- profit community hospital located in Glens Falls, New York, has been a diligent fiduciary steward of their retirement program, all with a keen eye on the overall goals of their plan.

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Oct 2018

Chart of the Month: Stock Valuations are Stretched by this Measure

One of Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation measures, Stock Market Capitalization to Gross Domestic Product, is flashing a warning sign for stocks. This simple valuation measure is used to assess whether a country’s stock market is overvalued or undervalued, compared to its historical average

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Sep 2018

Chart of the Month: Percentage Change From 52-Week High

As the S&P 500 Index soared to an all-time high in August amid further gains in the economy and booming corporate profits, a quick snapshot of other asset classes reveals significantly diverging performance over the past 52 weeks.

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