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Dec 2016

Mutual Fund Share Class Evaluation: A Focus on "Net" Costs

Increasingly, retirement plan sponsors are looking to attain the lowest share class available for participants; however, in some cases, that decision requires careful analysis. Below, we explore the expense ratios associated with mutual funds that offer multiple share classes. An expense ratio is…

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Nov 2016

A Primer on Target Date Funds

Over the last decade, the growth in retirement plan assets managed via target date funds (TDFs) has developed into one of the most powerful trends in all of financial services.  A large percentage of these assets are invested through the various defined contribution structures such as 401(k), 4…

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Nov 2016

Fee Allocation: Which Methodology is Best for Your Plan?

With heightened awareness of the fiduciary responsibility to ensure fees are reasonable for the services provided, many plan committees are now carefully considering the most equitable method to allocate those fees among participants.

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