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Jul 2020

Emergency Savings: Preparing for the Unexpected

Employee financial wellness has become an increasing concern for many employers, particularly in industries and fields that require advanced degrees, where organizational staff may be saddled with significant student loan debt. Debt from educational expenses, along with other types of debt (e.g., cr…

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Dec 2019

The Top Retirement Plan Trends for 2020

With the holiday season upon us and the New Year fast approaching, it is time to consider what 2020 may bring for retirement plan sponsors. We explore some of the retirement plan trends that are likely to be popular next year.

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Nov 2019

Case Study: Making a Strong Plan Stronger

SRC, a not-for-profit research and development organization, set out to improve their retirement plan benefit, ultimately reducing administrative costs by 54%, streamlining the investment lineup and improving employee communication and education - all without converting recordkeepers

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Aug 2019

Case Study: Growth through Acquisition and the Impact on Retirement Plans

The dynamic healthcare industry continues to see significant merger and acquisition activity, and combining the retirement plans of newly acquired entities can be complicated. Learn how WMCHealth has successfully integrated plans while enhancing the benefits for both new and existing employees

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Jul 2019

Decumulation Confusion: The 4% Rule

In part-three of our decumulation series, we discuss the 4% Rule, a time-honored method of withdrawing funds from retirement plans and annuities.

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Jun 2019

Decumulation Confusion: The Annuity Conundrum

In part-two of our decumulation series, we discuss annuities; the presence and promotion of which as a decumulation solution is perplexing to many retirement plan participants and retirees.

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Jun 2019

Fiduciary Breach Lawsuit Series

With more than 100 lawsuits filed against the fiduciaries of defined contribution retirement plans for breach of their responsibilities, litigation has plagued the retirement plan industry over the past decade. The claims in these lawsuits cover a broad range of topics and issues related to actions …

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May 2019

A Closer Look: Decumulation Confusion

​Just as the accumulation of sufficient assets for retirement is critical to a successful retirement outcome, proper decumulation, or the spending of those assets throughout retirement, is equally important.

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