Chart of the Month: Hypothetical Look at the S&P 500 with Tesla

Source: Standard & Poor's
Note: Weights are an estimate based on market cap weights on 11/30/2020

Market Observations

The S&P 500 Index will be adding Tesla as a component in late-December 2020. Based on Tesla’s market cap at the close of November 30, the stock is estimated to comprise approximately 2% of the Index’s market cap. Ordinarily, a company is added over a single trading day. However, S&P is considering adding the stock over the course of two trading days to smooth volatility, since the company is so large. The addition of Tesla to the S&P 500 will mean index fund managers, as well as many active fund managers, will need to acquire shares of the company. There are concerns this could cause a temporary run-up and subsequent sharp decline in share price. However, the diverse nature of the Index will mitigate some of this potential volatility for investors.

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