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May 2019

Interest Rates: Lower for Longer

Following a seven year period of no interest rate hikes coming out of the 2008 recession, the Fed has been slowly and steadily raising rates since 2015. We explore why interest rates may remain low, or potentially go lower, in the near future.

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Mar 2019

403(b) Retirement Plan Fee Litigation: An Update

More than 20 private universities and five healthcare systems have been sued over retirement plan fees since 2016, making fee litigation an important topic for retirement plan sponsors. We review the common claims of the suits and provide an update on the status of each.

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Jan 2019

2019 403(b) Compliance Calendar

The 2019 Retirement Plan Compliance Calendar highlights critical compliance deadlines for defined contribution retirement plans. While we have covered all of the major dates, some may only apply to particular plan types (and are noted accordingly) and there may be additional deadlines for specific p…

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May 2018

Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs): Important Considerations

MEPs have been in the news lately, particularly as plan sponsors seek to protect themselves from litigation related to fees and fund offerings by joining forces with other employers to achieve economies of scale. What must employers consider before joining an MEP?

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