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Innovative solutions for public sector organizations

With increasing concerns about sustainability, many state governments and other public-sector organizations are moving from traditional defined benefit retirement plans to defined contribution or hybrid plans. This transition can be extremely complex, with a variety of compliance dimensions and participant concerns. Cammack Retirement Group can help you navigate the transition with confidence.

Our team of retirement plan consultants have considerable experience with public sector clients, including municipalities, states and agencies as well as defined benefit and defined contribution plans. We can help you:

Meet employees' retirement needs — As your plan's investment adviser, we will recommend and monitor plan investments that are appropriate for your employee demographic and compliant with your investment policy statement.

Analyze plan alternatives — Our extensive experience working with both defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution plans enables us to provide creative alternatives to meet your needs when transitioning to a new plan design.

Evaluate Recordkeepers — We can manage the recordkeeper search and selection process, as well as the transition process if necessary. With a strong emphasis on planning, our expert consultants work to make the process both cost-efficient and seamless.

Reduce fiduciary risk — As trusted, independent advisors we provide guidance, monitoring and reporting to help our public sector clients maintain the most responsible fiduciary practice possible when selecting a third party administrator and/or bundled service provider or investment manager.

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