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For both private and public colleges and universities, retirement benefits are an integral element of compensation for faculty and staff. The challenge is providing attractive benefits while carefully managing costs. Cammack Retirement Group can help you achieve that balance.

As a leader in the higher education retirement plan space, Cammack Retirement understands its unique employment culture and dynamics. Our team of nationally recognized consultants can deliver customized solutions that enable you to:

Meet employees' retirement needs As your plan's investment adviser, we will recommend and monitor plan investments that are appropriate for your employee demographics and compliant with your investment policy statement.

Learn from the experts — Our innovative 403(b) Curriculum is a highly targeted learning series designed specifically for administrators of colleges and universities offering 403(b), 401(a) and 457 plans. It provides industry-leading insights through a series of articles and webinars to help you make informed decisions.

Implement best practices — Our proprietary Higher Education Retirement Plan Survey offers plan sponsors the critical benchmarking information and emerging trend analysis you need to make strategic decisions and manage fiduciary risk.

Optimize fees and services — Our experience working with major 401(k) and 403(b) recordkeepers and multi-vendor arrangements gives us a deep understanding of the nuances of their operations, products and services, enabling us to provide our higher education clients with the best retirement plan value.

Address the diverse needs of faculty and staff — We understand the varying retirement needs of faculty, administrative personnel, and other university staff. This insight enables us to develop plan solutions that work for all employee groups, while meeting the needs of your institution.

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