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Non-ERISA Plans: Following Fiduciary Best Practices

Jeff Snyder discusses following ERISA fiduciary best practices for non-ERISA plans.

Auto Re-Enrollment into Target Date Funds

Jeff Snyder discusses auto re-enrollment into target date funds (TDFs).

Balancing Act: Investments and Plan Health

Jeff Snyder discusses the balancing act between investments and plan health.

Implementing Successful Fund Share Class Changes

Jeff Snyder answers, How to Implement Successful Fund Share Class Changes

Concerns with Portability of Stable Value Fixed Annuity Products

Jeff Snyder answers: Are there Concerns or Issues with Portability of Stable Value or Fixed Annuity Products Between Recordkeepers?

C-Suite Considerations

Jeff Snyder answers: What Are Some of the Considerations for C-Suite Executives When Evaluating and Considering Auto Enrollment and Auto Escalation Features?

Fee Equalization

Jeff Snyder answers: Is Fee Equalization Getting Greater Discussion Time During Committee Meetings?

Key Elements of a Successful Plan Transition

What are the key elements of a successful plan transition?

Consolidating Vendors: Benefits

Jeff Snyder answers: Why is there a trend towards vendor consolidation and what are some of the benefits of consolidating administration/recordkeeping and plan servicing?

Consolidating Vendors: Challenges

Jeff Snyder answers: What are some of the challenges associated with consolidating vendors/recordkeepers?

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