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Non-ERISA Plans: Following Fiduciary Best Practices

Jeff Snyder discusses following ERISA fiduciary best practices for non-ERISA plans.

Committee Reaction to Recent Retirement Plan Litigation

Jeff Snyder answers: How are Committees Reacting to the Recent Wave of Retirement Plan Litigation?

The Evolution of Due Diligence Meetings

Jeff Snyder answers: How have regular due diligence meetings evolved?

Best Practice: Conduct a Vendor RFP Every 3-5 Years

Emily Wrightson answers: Why should plan sponsors undertake an RFP process every three to five years?

What Roles Do Intermediaries Play on Retirement Plans?

Jeff Snyder answers: What are some key roles that intermediaries play on retirement plans?

Plan Governance

Jeff Snyder answers: What is your approach to helping plan sponsors with their plan governance process and understanding?

Committee Best Practices

Jeff Snyder answers: Can you provide some best practices that your plan sponsors have been utilizing regarding committee make up?

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