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Apr 2017

Top of Mind: Trends that Matter

In our most recent edition of Trends that Matter, fixed-dollar recordkeeping fees and ESG investing were the hot issues among retirement plan sponsors.  While those trends remain current, others have emerged that should be top of mind with plan sponsors: An increasing number of plan sponsors…

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Mar 2017

The Skinny on State-Run Auto-IRAs

My colleague, Jeff Snyder, recently interviewed Lisa Massena, Executive Director of the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan. As you may be aware, Oregon is the first state in the nation to roll out a state-run auto-IRA program. The first employers will adopt the program this July, in pilot form.  …

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Mar 2017

Preparing Participants for the Next Market Downturn

As I write this at the close of February, the S&P 500 is up a robust 5.57% for the first two months of the year.  The last seven calendar years have seen an increase in the S&P 500 each and every year, averaging approximately 15% per year since the last correction in 2008. Other equity ind…

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