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Mar 2017

The Skinny on State-Run Auto-IRAs

My colleague, Jeff Snyder, recently interviewed Lisa Massena, Executive Director of the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan. As you may be aware, Oregon is the first state in the nation to roll out a state-run auto-IRA program. The first employers will adopt the program this July, in pilot form.  …

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Mar 2017

Your Retirement Plan has HOW MANY Investments?

While many things have changed in my 25 years at Cammack Retirement, some things have remained the same.  One of those is the tendency for retirement plan sponsors to offer too many investment options to their participants. It is not unusual to come across plans with tens, or even hundreds, of …

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Feb 2017

From the Archives: A Retirement Recordkeeper Consolidation Revisited

This edition of From the Archives is an oldie, but a goodie! Over ten years ago, I wrote an article for the Journal of Retirement Planning regarding an amazingly successful recordkeeper consolidation at one of our clients, South Jersey Healthcare.  Much has changed since the article was writ…

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Jan 2017

Is This the Beginning of the End for Revenue Sharing?

A number of recent articles have opined that revenue sharing is being eliminated by some large plan sponsors, and that small and mid plan sponsors may follow. With a number of mutual fund families introducing zero-revenue sharing share classes of funds where none existed previously, some have even s…

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Nov 2016

Thanksgiving Edition

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday, there are many things for which I am thankful. While most have absolutely nothing to do with retirement plans, I thought I would share the ones that are retirement-related: 403(b) plan sponsors are eliminating the 15-year catch-up election in droves &md…

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Oct 2016

From the Archives: Is the 403(b) Plan Dying?

Five years ago, I wrote an article on the issue of whether the 403(b) plan was dying.  It was a reasonable question at the time, as legislation and market forces had eliminated many of the differences between 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Fortunately for my reputation, I did NOT agree with the no…

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Jul 2016

Will You Use a Retirement Plan Smartphone App?

At the 2016 Plan Sponsor National Conference that I recently attended, an industry CEO made a statement that was rather surprising to me. He said that people have a lot of apps on their smartphone, but don’t use many, and to expect them to utilize an app for their retirement plan is “simply not goin…

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Jul 2016

Are 457(f) Plans Back from the Dead?

In an informative recent article by my colleague Earle Allen, he noted that private nonprofit executives receive the short end of the stick when it comes to deferred compensation, at least when compared to their for-profit counterparts. (Note:  public and church plans generally encounter less o…

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Nov 2015

From the Archives: 403(b)ehind the numbers

In 2010, I wrote a popular article entitled 403(b)ehind the numbers, which revealed some fascinating statistics regarding 403(b) plans. But what about today? Five years later, have the numbers changed significantly – and what does this reveal about trends in the retirement plan industry? With the f…

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