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Jul 2016

Will You Use a Retirement Plan Smartphone App?

At the 2016 Plan Sponsor National Conference that I recently attended, an industry CEO made a statement that was rather surprising to me. He said that people have a lot of apps on their smartphone, but don’t use many, and to expect them to utilize an app for their retirement plan is “simply not goin…

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Jul 2016

Are 457(f) Plans Back from the Dead?

In an informative recent article by my colleague Earle Allen, he noted that private nonprofit executives receive the short end of the stick when it comes to deferred compensation, at least when compared to their for-profit counterparts. (Note:  public and church plans generally encounter less o…

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Nov 2015

From the Archives: 403(b)ehind the numbers

In 2010, I wrote a popular article entitled 403(b)ehind the numbers, which revealed some fascinating statistics regarding 403(b) plans. But what about today? Five years later, have the numbers changed significantly – and what does this reveal about trends in the retirement plan industry? With the f…

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