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Jan 2019

The Stock Market Soap Opera and Some Basic Math

The volatility of the stock market has become a major news story lately. But, as we well know, there is a tendency for the media to exaggerate. So, is the current stock market “crisis” real - or just a soap opera? And, if the “crisis” has substance, should it cause concern for retirement plan invest…

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Apr 2018

Three Things to Think About Besides Retirement Plan Investments

Plan sponsors often have an unhealthy obsession with assembling the ideal array of plan investments. However, investment array selection, as well as the inherent agonizing over which funds to put on watch, which to replace, etc., should be relatively low on a plan sponsor’s list of priorities. Wh…

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Apr 2018

Fee Leveling, Simplified

In last week’s Top of Mind, we attempted to simplify the concept of revenue sharing in retirement plans. This week, I will attempt to build upon that by demystifying the even more elusive practice known as fee leveling.  What is fee leveling?  Last week, we explained how different …

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Apr 2018

Revenue Sharing, Simplified

As I was preparing once again to speak about revenue sharing, I encountered my recurring fear that almost everyone was going to completely lost. Because, let’s face it, revenue sharing is NOT an easy concept to understand, and one about which most people do not care to learn!   However,…

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Nov 2017

Proprietary Funds: The New Lightning Rod for 403(b) Plans?

In the world of 403(b), variable annuities have been a lightning rod for criticism by anyone paying attention.  And, for good reason, with the caveat that there are some variable annuities offered by low-cost providers that shouldn’t be lumped in with the rest. However, in the large 403(b) p…

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Sep 2017

Collective Investment Trusts (CITs) and 403(b) Plans: An Update

Recently, we wrote a Top of Mind post about how the University of California (Cal) took the bold step of adding CITs to its 403(b) plans.  For decades, CITs have been the sole domain of annuities and mutual fund products.  As we noted, while it’s been known that CITs are a permissible inve…

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Jul 2017

The Importance of Retirement Investing Over Saving for Older Employees

You‘ve heard the same message from many people, including myself:  due to the time-value of money, the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better off you will be when you retire.  When building retirement wealth, the critical factor is the age at which you commence retirement savi…

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