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Jun 2018

Takeaways from the “A Time for You” Redbook and MFS Event

Last week, I had the pleasure of watching my colleague Emily Wrightson participate in the Redbook/MFS “A Time for You” event.  And what a treat it was, hearing four women —three of whom work in the financial services industry, as well as the editorial director of Redbook magazine — …

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May 2018

The 4% Withdrawal Rate: Is it Still the Rule of Thumb?

As baby boomers continue to age and more and more retirement plan participants approach retirement, plan sponsors need to move distribution planning from an afterthought to “Top of Mind” (yes, I know - don’t quit my day job!). It used to be a given that distribution planning for retirement was fa…

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Apr 2018

Earn More or Spend Less?

One issue that receives little attention from retirement plan sponsors is the capacity of their plan participants to save for retirement.  While there are some employees who don’t save for retirement for reasons other than financial capacity, most non-savers simply don’t have the capacity (or b…

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Mar 2018

Find Those Participants!

Does your plan have any participants who are missing?  I can nearly guarantee that it does, as I have never come across a plan where at least one participant’s mail has been returned as undeliverable.  In large plans, there are sometimes hundreds, or even thousands, of these missing indivi…

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Mar 2018

Items that Should be Banned from Employee Communications

Indulge me for a moment (because frankly, I could use a moment of escape, since as I write this, the power at my residence has been out for nearly six days!).  Let’s imagine that I am the “King of Employee Communications.”  As such, I therefore decree throughout the land that from now and …

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Mar 2018

Retirement and “Doing What You Want to Do”

Two weeks ago, I profiled a rather brilliant article by Physician on FIRE, a popular blogger in the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement.  As you may recall, he examined the reasons why some physicians continue to work after they have achieved financial independence and could com…

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Jan 2018

Retirement Plan Sponsor Websites

Given that it is part of my job, I have probably looked at more plan sponsor retirement plan websites than most people on the planet.  And, while I have found many wonderful links and resources on these websites, I have also seen many issues that plan sponsors would likely wish to correct. &nbs…

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Nov 2017

Confessions of a Non-Saver

At the risk of offending some of my audience, I have a bit of a secret to reveal: I am a non-saver by nature. Yes, you read that correctly - I am a non-saver. I know what you’re saying: “He works in the Retirement Plan Industry! How in the world is he not a saver? Is he just not very bright?” …

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Oct 2017

Failure to Log In: The Dirty Little Secret of Many Retirement Plans

Recently, I received study results from a recordkeeper that tested some of their retirement plan communication initiatives on their own employees. Now, employees who work at a retirement plan recordkeeper are presumably more engaged than your average retirement plan participant. However, when this r…

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