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May 2017

Which Sounds Better: Retirement or Financial Independence?

This week, in my review of content that might be of interest to Top of Mind readers, I stumbled upon a Tweet from Dan Otter of 403(b)wise (actually a retweet from Scott Dauenhauer) that discusses the wonderful-sounding concept of financial independence. After all, who wants to be financially depende…

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May 2017

Participant Engagement: Learning to Crawl Before You Can Walk

My colleagues, Sandy Lucev and Alison Kellner, recently wrote about some of the groundbreaking work our firm is conducting in the area of integrating retirement and financial wellness with overall employee wellness campaigns. Preliminary results from this innovative campaign have been promising and …

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Apr 2017

Top of Mind: Trends that Matter

In our most recent edition of Trends that Matter, fixed-dollar recordkeeping fees and ESG investing were the hot issues among retirement plan sponsors.  While those trends remain current, others have emerged that should be top of mind with plan sponsors: An increasing number of plan sponsors…

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Dec 2016

Santa Responds!

It’s his busiest time of year, but Santa managed to respond to my letter from last week: Dear Michael: Greetings from the North Pole!  While I do not normally provide written responses to the huge volume of letters that I receive this time of year, your letter was, shall I say, a b…

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Nov 2016

Thanksgiving Edition

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday, there are many things for which I am thankful. While most have absolutely nothing to do with retirement plans, I thought I would share the ones that are retirement-related: 403(b) plan sponsors are eliminating the 15-year catch-up election in droves &md…

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Jul 2016

Will You Use a Retirement Plan Smartphone App?

At the 2016 Plan Sponsor National Conference that I recently attended, an industry CEO made a statement that was rather surprising to me. He said that people have a lot of apps on their smartphone, but don’t use many, and to expect them to utilize an app for their retirement plan is “simply not goin…

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Jul 2016

Ask the Experts: Behind the Scenes

In one of the initial Top of Mind posts from last year, I discussed my work with the PLANSPONSOR Ask the Experts column and promised that in future blog entries I would: a) spend some time on questions from the column that are of particular interest, and b) provide behind-the-scenes insight into wri…

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