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Feb 2018

Revisiting the Active versus Passive Debate in Today's Markets

Recently, we have seen a considerable increase in volatility in the market, with wide swings in the major market indices.  The volatility started with the announcement of the highest annualized wage growth since June 2009, which ignited renewed fears of inflation.  However, the outsized mo…

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Jan 2018

Currency Movements and the Effect on Retirement Plan Investments

Currencies can have a significant effect on the overall economy. Since the U.S.dollar is the global currency, any significant change in its value ripples throughout financial markets. After years of a strong dollar, what will its recent weakening mean for retirement plan investors?

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Nov 2017

Fiduciary Considerations When Adding and Reviewing Managed Accounts

Managed accounts offer retirement plan participants a personalized investment strategy based on their own individual situation. However, as plan sponsors review the benefits of adding managed accounts to their retirement plans, there are ever-present fiduciary considerations which must be addressed.

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Oct 2017

Fund In Focus: PIMCO Total Return Update

Executive Summary PIMCO’s Total Return Fund is a top performer in the Morningstar Intermediate Bond fund category across all major time periods. Contrary to investor’s fears, fund outflows did not have a negative impact on performance.  The organization’s time-tested investment process …

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Aug 2017

Retirement Plan Investment Lineup Construction for Future Markets

With all of the attention paid to retirement plan fees and the associated lawsuits, plan sponsors and their retirement plan committees tend to be very focused on ensuring that plan investments provide consistent long-term performance, are competitively priced, and offer good diversification.  T…

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