403(b) Curriculum Library


Jun 2015

The Top Ten Fiduciary Errors

With serious consequences for both you and your organization, fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility is essential. Michael A. Webb, shares some of the most common errors that fiduciaries make.

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Jun 2015

Plan Governance

Plan Governance is a critical component to the success of a retirement plan. In the following video, Jeffrey Snyder briefly discusses key areas that Cammack Retirement is addressing when it works with a client to layout a thoughtful and deliberative plan review process.

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May 2015

Lessons Learned from Past Federal Reserve Tightening Cycles

In the years since the 2008 crisis, the Fed has held short-term interest rates at essentially zero. With an improving economy, the Fed is preparing for an eventual rate increase - perhaps as early as June. What can past tightening cycles predict when the rate cycle does eventually turn?

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Feb 2015

Are You Ready for Retirement Readiness?

​As a recent Profit Sharing Council of America Survey indicates, the issue of retirement readiness has become one of increasing concern among plan sponsors. In fact, the study reveals that nearly 90% of respondents now measure participant outcomes in achieving retirement readiness.

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Jan 2015

2015 Administrative Compliance Calendar

Our 2015 Retirement Plan Compliance Calendar lists the critical compliance deadline dates for defined contribution retirement plans. Some of the deadlines apply only to particular plan types and are noted accordingly.

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Dec 2014

Four Steps to Selecting a Retirement Plan Advisor

As a leading retirement plan advisor and consultant, we assist plan sponsors with dozens of advisor searches each year. We also lead many recordkeeper search and selection processes on behalf of our clients. Participating in and conducting the search and selection process gives us a firsthand vie…

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Nov 2014

The Top Five Things You Need to Know About ERISA 404(c)

404(c) is a historically misunderstood section of ERISA, with misconceptions that ran rampant through the plan sponsor community even before the participant fee disclosure regulations under 404(a)(5) added to the confusion. As a plan sponsor, what do you need to know about 404(c) and its potential i…

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Oct 2014

Personal Bankruptcy and Retirement Plans Revisited

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision in Clark v. Rameker, in which an inherited IRA was determined to part of the bankruptcy estate and thus subject to creditor claims, some retirement plan sponsors may be questioning their understanding of personal bankruptcy and its effect on retirement p…

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