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Jul 2012

The Beginning of the End for Mutual Fund Windows/Platforms?

The interpretation of the DOL's FAB 2012-02 impacts plan sponsors utilizing brokerage or mutual fund windows and mutual fund platforms. Specifically, the DOL has opined that fiduciaries who offer such arrangements in their plans may not be in compliance with ERISA!

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Apr 2012

What’s Next for Defined Benefit Plan Sponsors?

Spring is in the air - and so is pension relief, once again. A provision has been attached to a Senate-passed transportation bill, to set a floor and a ceiling on the interest rates used to calculate the funding target and annual contributions. (The funding target is the present value of benefits ea…

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Apr 2012

The Secret To A Plan's Success

​Every new day brings publications with articles that describe how people are not saving enough for retirement. Meanwhile, plan sponsors, who have worked hard trying to foster a culture of employee saving, inevitably begin to wonder if their plan is providing adequate retirement benefits.

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Jan 2012

Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations

​Retirement plans can present challenges for both the plan sponsor and the participant. Historically, one of the salient dilemmas has been the lack of information provided to participants and sponsors regarding fees...

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